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360° Adjustable Smartphone Stand

360° Adjustable Smartphone Stand

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If you are looking for a safe & stable Smartphone holder for your car then you will absolutely love this!

360° Adjustable Stand easily sticks to the windshield or the dashboard of your car & keeps your Smartphone perfectly safe.

You will be able to adjust the angle of the stand so you can easily use navigation, select your favourite music or answer calls from your friends & family.

Choose from 3 beautiful colours and select the one that best fits the interior of your car.

The Nano Silicone suction mount allows you to quickly & easily install or remove the Huawei holder with a single push of a button. 

Compatible with all models of the iPhone, Samsung, Huawei etc.

Enjoy safe & flawless driving experience with hands free calls and without endangering your loved ones & passengers.

With elegant & minimalistic design these devices fit perfectly in any car interior. And they come in various colours too!

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